BC Battery Charger for Lithium Batteries

Need a charger for your vehicle with lithium battery? (Lithium-ion, LiFePO4)

·         BC Lithium 900 (1 Amp) : Click the link if you want a perfect charger for the lithium battery of your bike

·         BC 7000 Lithium (7 Amp) : Click the link if you are looking for a suitable battery charger to the lithium battery is your bike in your car.

Common features:

·         algorithm to 7 cycles for lithium batteries

·         able to recover very discharged batteries (from 1.25V, then perform charging and always remain fully charged)

·         safe (polar program for safe charging of winter thanks to the integrated temperature sensor). 8 protections ensure the absence of risks and dangers both to the bike that the wiring and the battery.

so you can always leave connected for 365 days a year, 24 hours a day. Once it reaches full charge, pass automatically to maintain and continue to monitor the real-time battery: if there should be the need to proceed to give a further charge for always kept to 100%.


·         maximum charging current, which affects the charge rate (respectively 1 Amp and 7 Amp: the greater the charge current, the greater the charge rate)

·         7000 BC Lithium doubles as a battery tester, and alternator.