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Payment by CREDIT CARD / PayPal - in the event that the customer intends to make the payment by credit card, he can use the payment procedure with PayPal, suitable to ensure the confidentiality of data provided by customers.

For any further information and legal agreements, please refer to the customer to consult PayPal website. (

Payments Procedure

 1) Information

Once you click on buy now, you will see this page.

Remember, if you have an active discount code, it's time to use it!

Now, click Continue to shipping.

2) Shipping

Now make sure that your contact and address are correct.

Click continue to payment.

3) Payment

In this step there is a summary of your purchase.

You can choose the type of payment that is listed.

Remember to always check your contact and address!

Now, once you have checked all your order you can proceed to click pay now.


The purchased good, together with the related invoice, is delivered by express courier to the address specified by the customer when ordering online.

BC Battery Controller, as a direct sender of products, assumes all risks related to the transport of goods.

In the event that the products selected by the Customer were not available at the time of placing the order, it will be the responsibility of the BC Battery Controller to promptly notify the Customer to arrange delivery as soon as the goods are available.

 Shipped with


Delivery Time


City Nation Time Delivery Region
Melbourne Australia 1 Day Victoria
Sydney Australia 2 Days South Galles
Adelaide Australia 2 Days Southern Australia
Brisbane Australia 3-4 Days Queensland
Perth Australia 4-5 Days Western Australia
Hobart Australia 5 Days Tasmania
Cairns Australia 6 Days Northern Territory
Darwin Australia 6 Days Queensland
Auckland New Zealand 3-4 Days North Island
Christchurch New Zealand 3-4 Days South Island



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