Coronavirus Updates

BC Battery Controller and the Covid-19

BC Battery Controller despite emergence Coronavirus continues to play in the strongest terms a major role for its customers and for the local community it represents. Our company is operating and also the shipment service to customers

As of April 14th, logistics network has begun to function very well and as retreats or as delivery

The Dear Clients will receive an email with the tracking to track the shipment on the carrier's website.

protection of Retailers

The promotions granted on the site E Commerce are temporary and will persist until the reopening of the physical sales channel of dealers in the area. Following the reopening of the physical sales channel prices on our e-commerce return to be in line with the public price list. This temporary commercial strategy allows us to defend the Made in Italy by foreign competition, BC Controller is an all Italian pride.

Protection of Employees

Forelettronica Ltd., Battery Controller continues to fuel the production process and protects their employees through the use of personal safety devices, disinfectants. In addition to the further verification that all departments of the company is to comply with safety distances as defined by the standards set by the Ministry of Health, the Department, together with staff, he has agreed to develop several shifts in order to reduce the presence of personnel department during the workday.

Consumer Protection

Our Company:

1.      It grants discounts to customers than the official price list for the purchase of products on its website to support end users in virtue of the closure of most of the physical sales channels (cars, motorcycles, hardware, tools)

2.      It guarantees the safe delivery of the products and respects the timing

3.      Ensures the service rendered on the products and after-sales service