Installation and Safety

Installation Cable Connection Battery with eyelets (Cod. STD2V)
The following steps are required for proper installation of the device. It will be recalled that the recommended configuration (with the connecting cable of the battery always on board the vehicle) allows to perform the following steps only the first time.
It is advisable to proceed with the utmost caution (see section Warnings and Safety Manual instruction) to connect the cable to the battery and delegate as necessary to perform the operations listed below your Dealer / Reseller BC battery Controller:
STD2V connect the cable to the battery, ensuring that the black wire connects to terminal - (minus) and the red wire to the + (positive).
attach the cable connector in a comfortable position to reach.
Whenever you need to connect the charger , it is sufficient to remove the protective cap from STD2V connector and connect the charger.
Moreover it is suggested, to avoid a poor electrical conduction, to periodically clean with a brush meth allica the battery terminals to remove deposits or deposits of dirt and tighten the eyelets to the battery terminals.

Charger Installation
Remove the cable cap STD2V and connect. If you use the connector with pliers (Cod. 30AMPPZ), connect the black clamp to the - terminal (negative pole) and the red terminal to terminal + (positive pole). If you use the cigarette lighter adapter ACC612V, plug the charger connector to the adapter and insert it into the cigarette lighter of your vehicle.
Check that the charger is on (red LED or LCD display switched to fault mode due to lack electric network).
Connect the device to a 220V mains socket.
the charger, once connected, will begin to execute the charging cycle.
NOTE: to perform the charge products that have also the test function (BC Bravo 900, Bravo BC 1500 BC 3500 and BC 9000) must be connected first to the power supply and then to the battery.
Disconnect your charger
Unplug the charger from the 220V mains.
Unplug the charger connector from the battery cable. If you use the
STD2V cable with eyelets, restore the appropriate connector on the protective cap and stow the cable in the compartment specially proceeds.
store the charger in the box in each room, to minimize exposure to atmospheric agents.

DECLARATION OF CONFORMITY: ITALY Forelettronica srl ​​declares under its own responsibility that the battery charger BC Battery Controller series are compliant with the following standards set by EC legislation .






EN60335- 2-29

The efficiency reached by the battery at the end of the charging cycle, the absence of electromagnetic interference and diagnostics able to ensure a complete protection against short circuit, the battery charger overheating or incorrect connection of the battery are common features to every product in the BC Battery charger Controller family. 
The BC range allows easy installation and free of any risk for users without expert:

  • Protection overcharge / overheating of the battery
  • Protection against reverse battery poles
  • Protection against permanent short circuit
  • Thermal protection li overheating
  • It does not require that the battery is disconnected from the vehicle
  • No interference with on-board electronics of the Vehicle
  • Very few gas development during the charge: Remove battery caps not required
  • Lab Tests ensure the manufacturing of products in accordance with local regulations concerning safety and electromagnetic compatibility