Useful Info


1) How to ensure good maintenance to a battery?

If your vehicle remains stationary for more than 15 consecutive days, when every day on average a battery daily download of 0.5-1%, which increases as the temperature of the environment in which the battery is located, we suggest you think all ' buying a battery charger BC Battery Controller: an automatic circuit continuously reads the charging parameters delivering the current necessary to always keep it in top condition.

2) Why in the winter occur more often problems with the batteries?

The batteries, although they are subject to self-discharge rate, in summer or in any case in the presence of a high external temperature, are subjected to conditions during the winter of strict conditions : engine oil viscosity, for example, increases and thus makes necessary a greater cue of the battery to the starter of the vehicle; Furthermore, in the case seasonal use vehicles, the batteries remain stationary and connected to the electrical system to ensure the current to the various electronic systems installed (burglar, immobiliser, etc): the battery, in addition to self-discharge due to physical reasons, it is so subjected to a slow but steady download. These are the worst conditions because it produces a deep discharge and often fatal. Sealed batteries and particularly gel batteries are the most delicate: phenomena of deep discharge and relative sulfation often make them unrecoverable.

3) What is the sulfation?

The sulfation is a physical phenomenon which consists in the formation inside the lead sulfate crystals battery. It is among the main causes of battery replacement. The phenomenon can be generated in two ways: | 1 - When the battery is subjected to a deep discharge, the concentration of crystals increases and by binding between them form a thickness on the battery plates.
2 - When the plates of the battery, due to the low level of the electrolyte, are exposed to the air generates oxidation and subsequent sulfation. The sulfation significantly reduces the useful life of the battery due to the reduction in the useful surface of the cells to generate the electrolysis and the consequent supply of current. The BC Controller Battery charger, keeping the battery always a perfect charge level, between 95-100%, prevent sulfation and in the presence of deeply discharged batteries reduce the concentration of lead sulfates, bringing the battery to a level of charge useful for normal operation.

4) Can I leave the battery cable with eyelets always installed on board the vehicle?

Flat for each pack of BC battery Controller, found a connecting cable that we specifically designed so that it can remain installed on your vehicle in complete safety. Since the battery, especially on the bikes but also on cars, is often mounted in ever more extreme positions and difficult to reach, the cable serves to make it a more comfortable and accessible connection. In the motorcycle, for example, the wiring can be installed so that the connector to your BC Battery Controller is directly under the seat. You'll have to install it once more and leave the wiring and connected to the vehicle: keep the battery in good working order will become a comfortable habit. You can rest assured: the cabling that remains connected to the battery (and thus the vehicle) is made by using rubbers and plastics suitable to resist to oils, weathering and extreme temperature fluctuations; It is almost indestructible. In addition, the protection fuse serves to insulate the battery does not just occur for any short circuit reason. In short, it is a useful product, convenient and above all designed to be safe under all conditions of use.

5) How can I do if I have several batteries to keep on charge?

If you have more bikes (or more cars, etc) to keep charging, we decided to provide as an accessory, to be purchased in addition to the charger, a standard cable connection to the battery (Code: STD2V). This way you can install on all vehicles wiring, always leaving him in the vehicle. With a constant rotation of the charger you are able to ensure a satisfactory maintenance of all your batteries. And if that were not enough, the BC range includes professional BC Pro 4S Quad Charger, to upload, retrieve and maintain up to 4 bikes batteries simultaneously!

6) Can I charge the batteries of 6 volts and 24 Volts?

Yes, the battery charger BC range also includes products for 6V and 24V batteries. For 6 Volt batteries, you have to buy the product BC K900, that charges and maintains the position of all batteries 6V and 12V. For 24 volt batteries, the BC model is available Plus 4000 - 24V.

Chargers & Maintainers: 

1) can I leave the charger BC battery Controller always connected to the battery?

Yes, you can forget the always connected charger for months, because you never overcharge your battery: an automatic circuit ensures ultimate quality voltage and charging current. It will never be necessary or remove the plugs from the battery or disconnect the battery from the vehicle. The electronics in your vehicle, no matter how sophisticated, will never be damaged by the interaction with BC Battery Controller. This is the advantage of the intelligent battery charger compared to the traditional ones, which are to be disconnected from the vehicle because of the risk of ruining the installed electronic devices and, if not disconnected within a short time, load in an excessive way the battery, generating dangerous explosive gases and reducing the electrolytic power battery. The BC charger is safe, because it is protected against short circuit and overheating: if the internal temperature of BC Battery Controller becomes excessive, the electronic circuit will limit the current supplied temporarily, until the restoration of normal operating conditions.

2) BC Battery Controller is compatible with the 12V socket of the motorcycle BMW?

Certainly! All the bikes and therefore the BMW mountain bike traditional batteries, MF, AGM or Gel: the BC Battery Controller are a universal charger, designed to charge and maintain in an ideal manner all types of batteries available. Most of the motorcycles produced in Germany - in particular BMW motorcycles - mounts a 12V socket conforms to the standard DIN 4165 (recognisable by the diameter of 12 mm with respect to the diameter of 18 mm of the traditional cigarette lighter sockets). For all BMW motorcycles with CAN bus system, we suggest the model BC K900, the only one compatible with the 12V socket fitted as standard on the bike. All other BC charger models motorcycle can be used for charging and maintenance of BMW motorcycle batteries, connect the charger directly to the battery via cable with eyelets (cod. STD2V) or the traditional clamps / crocodile (cod. 30AMPPZ) you will always find in the package.


3) a charger 0.9A maximum current is not too small for a car battery 100/120 Ah?

You have to assess your needs: if you have a 100 Ah battery, and you quickly charge the battery quickly, you'll certainly direct you to the most powerful charger, BC 3500 BC 9000 EVO and EVO. If you already have a charger for your bike and want to make a constant trickle of a battery program capacity around the 80/100 Ah, the product may be enough that you already have: the only difference you will have immediately than smaller batteries it will take to reach the maintenance cycle, otherwise nothing will change.


Briefing Batteries:

1) Can I use the cigarette lighter socket of my vehicle to recharge the battery?

In addition to cars and mobile homes, more and more motorcycles and other vehicles begin to be equipped with conventional cigarette lighter sockets. Did you know that you can charge the battery directly using the cigarette lighter socket? It's nothing revolutionary, but the experience gained in recent years has shown us that very few know this: if you check the cigarette lighter socket of your vehicle is locked or not (the outlet is working vehicle is disconnected means that it is not under key). In that case, you'll have no choice but to buy the accessory Cod. ACC612V and connect your BC Battery Controller directly to the cigarette lighter. No need to use terminals or get your hands dirty to install the connecting cable supplied with your BC Battery Controller to always maintain the efficiency of your battery!

2) What happens if I invert the poles battery during the cable installation?

All products in the BC range are protected against permanent and ongoing inversion of the battery poles. Therefore, in case of accidental inversion of the eyelets to the battery, the diagnostics of the charger will indicate the presence of such abnormal condition without any damage to the power supply electronics.

3) What happens if the negative pole and the positive battery cable you touch (short circuit)?

All products in the BC battery Controller family are protected against short circuit permanent and continuous. Therefore, in case of accidental contact of the eyelets connected to the battery, the protection fuse intervenes isolating the battery and preventing the production of dangerous sparks. In addition, the diagnostics of the charger will indicate the presence of such abnormal condition.