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BC CONNECT is a latest generation battery charger-maintainer that in a few steps allows you to connect it to your smartphone via WIFI and check the status of your battery wherever you are.


Item Code for Dealer: 700BCS5000WIFI



The new BC CONNECT is ideal for daily or professional use (in the workshop and garage) on cars, motorcycles, scooters and vans. It is a latest generation charger that in a few steps allows you to connect the product to your smartphone via WIFI and check the status of your battery wherever you are. It is also equipped with a multi-function LED bar, which tells you the selected charging program. Equipped with microprocessor and automatic temperature sensor, it is ideal for customers looking for an excellent quality/ price ratio for the maintenance of car and motorcycle batteries. It solves many problems, from the initialization of new batteries to the recovery and desulfation of used batteries, from charging to long-term maintenance, thanks to the exclusive monthly equalization function. The START&STOP program is optimized for AGM and EFB batteries.



  • 100% Made in Italy, 2 years of warranty.

  • 4 programs: LITHIUM BIKE and LEAD-ACID BIKE for motorcycle batteries, CAR for car batteries and START&STOP for AGM/EFB batteries;

  • 8-cycle charge algorithm for lead-acid batteries: recovers (from 1.25V), charges, desulfates, analyzes, maintains and equalizes. Maximum charge current: 5 Amp in CAR mode, 1 Amp in BIKE mode;

  • 7-cycle charge algorithm for lead-acid batteries: initialization, recovery, soft & main charge, equalization, analysis and maintenance;

  • 6 multi-function LED bar;

  • WIFI Function: by connecting the device to your cehicle and your WIFI router, you can monitor the status of your battery wherever you are;

  • Battery Types: 12V tradizional, gel, MF, AGM, EFB, VRLA, Ca/Ca, Lithium;

  • Check if the battery can hold the charge. Built-in temperature sensor;

  • Protections: reverse polarity, short circuit, overcharge, overheat. It doesn't make sparks.



  • 1 battery charger and maintainer
  • Cable with eyelets
  • Cable with clamps
  • Complete instructions



Input Voltage: 220÷240V ac, 50-60Hz
Charging Voltage: 13.8V/14.4V - nom. 12V
Charging Current: 1 A max (Bike) / 5 A max (Car/Start&Stop)

Battery Capacity: 1.2-60Ah (Bike) / 15-160Ah (Car/Start&Stop)
Operating Temperature: -20°C - +50°C
Dimensions: 177 x 127 x 70 mm


If you have purchased the product and are proceeding with the configuration of the device, click here to enter your generated TOKEN-ID (STEP 8 of the Quick Installation Guide).