Motorcycle Universal Connector Cigarette Lighter Socket 12V

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Do you need a connector for your BC charger?

Thanks to this cable, connecting your charger / maintainer to your vehicle battery is even easier and faster!

This accessory allows the connection of any BC Battery charger and maintainer directly to the cigarette lighter socket, both the standard type (diam. 18 mm) and the BMW type (DIN 4165 - diam. 12 mm): just unscrew the red cap to make the connector suitable for your BMW cigarette lighter socket.

Using it is easy: just insert the plug directly into the 12V cigarette lighter socket, then connect the cable to the charger. This system is particularly useful when the vehicle battery is difficult to reach or in an awkward position: there is no need to connect any additional wiring directly to the battery

To connect to the socket DIN.4165 BMW motorcycle, you must use a charger compatible with the CAN bus system, such as BC K900 EDGE  or BC K900 EVO +  

Your motorcycle does not have a cigarette lighter?

No problem! On our website we have an entire range of 12V cigarette lighter sockets with universal handlebar mount, such as P12A , P12USB , P12USBDUAL  


Usually, the cigarette lighter socket of a vehicle is used as an output, but it can also be used as input: you just need to verify that the 12V socket is not dependant on the control panel (in other words, the lighter socket needs to be functioning when the key is removed).

This accessory is made with specific first quality materials for Automotive use (resistant to oils, greases, atmospheric agents, thermal / mechanical stress) and is 100% Made in Italy

Robust connectors suitable for use in harsh conditions are guarantee of quality of the connection system to the battery throughout time: the attention to detail that characterizes the entire range of BC Battery products has allowed us to offer a product that is solid and durable. 

The cable is also equipped with a protection fuse, an electrical device able to protect from short circuits and overvoltage. 
In addition, the charger + cigarette lighter cable is safe for the control unit and for any additional electronic apparatus installed on your vehicle.
BC chargers, in fact, are designed to avoid extra-currents in the electrical system.
This permanent protection is crucial to always ensure maximum safety, especially when using the power supply function, that is, when the risk of this phenomenon is greater.

By purchasing this accessory to use with your BC Battery charger (which already includes in the package a connector with clamps and one with eyelets), you can equip all your vehicles with a cable for charging battery easily and fast.

This way, each of your vehicles will be equipped with a cable and connection to the charger wil become really quick and easy